Atlas of World Architecture

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Atlas of world architecture

In the past five years, the globalised trend of interior design has seemingly been led by the five cities-renowned as the cities of design, including Tokyo, Paris, Milan, London and New York. At the same time, it has become a common realization of designers around the world to explore and employ the local features for each project with the advancement of economy and culture.

The book, Atlas of World Interiors, with 500 projects selected, is a detailed and comprehensive portrayal of the best and newest interior projects from 6 continents of more than 50 countries. In detail, the projects are of different styles, such as the pragmatism of North America, the naturalism of South America, the regionalism of Asia, the minimalism of North Europe and the luxurism of the Mediterranean area.



















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مهندس وفا طاهری سوابق کاری : شهرک صنعتی جنوب تهران - شرکت ایران آروین : خط لوله 48 اینچ طالقان به کرج - پارس مانترا : کارخانه سیمان گلستان ، سبزوار - شرکت ایریتک - پامیکو : فولاد نیشابور ، فولاد اردکان ، فولاد هرمزگان ، NGL خارگ - کنسرسیوم صنایع بتن : ذوب مس خاتون آباد ، توسعه تغلیظ مس سرچشمه - صنایع فلزی : ارم مهستان - سیمان نائین آخرین سمت : مدیر قراردادها

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